Do You Know The Answers To These Vital Questions About Opening A Franchise?

  • How much could you make in gross sales?
  • What are current franchisees saying about the business?
  • How do the different franchises compare to each other?
  • Is the industry you’re looking at trending upwards, downwards, or staying steady?

What You Absolutely Must Know Before Burning Up Your Bank Account On A Franchise

Before you gamble away your hard-earned savings, you need access to factual, unbiased information and sales numbers. (By the way, talking to a franchise rep is a terrible way to get information. They want to sell you their franchise, not help you make the right decision.)

Franchise Chatter has been built from the ground up to give you the information you need to make the most profit-rich decision possible. With the right franchise, you’ll be your own boss and live on your terms, on the road to wealth and freedom.

This isn’t a get-rich-quick scheme or magic formula. It’s a proven model for analyzing franchise data that’s making people just like you upwards of $1 million per year.

About The Creator

Who Is Franchise Chatter?

My name is Ambrosio, and I am a former franchise owner and the founder of Franchise Chatter. When I started in franchising by opening a highly successful UPS Store many years ago, there was no easy way to research franchises. Information was scattered, confusing, and conflicting. It was impossible to find high-quality, reliable numbers on which franchises were winners, and which weren’t.

Fact is, there are a thousand ways to fail in the franchise world. For every success story you hear about, there are countless bankrupt failures. Even though I found success with my franchise, there are thousands of entrepreneurs each year who lose everything to a failed franchise.

By taking what I learned from my success, I created a system that would help potential franchisees like you avoid the deadly mistakes that can sink your business dreams.

When I opened my franchise, I had no idea how much money I could make. Gross sales, expenses, profits - it was all a mystery. I made my choice based on how I felt about the business concept at the time, not on real data. Looking back, it was not the best way to make a decision.

After opening my UPS Store, I realized that plenty of people were failing at franchising because they didn’t have good data.

So, after selling my business, I decided to create a tool that would help people like you identify which franchises have great potential, and which ones don’t.

I've been studying Franchise Disclosure Documents everyday since 2011. I’ve read thousands of pages for hundreds of different franchises, so I know every little secret behind the numbers (not just what the franchise reps tell you).

From the red flags that signal underperforming franchises, to the information on franchises that are crushing their competition, I study them all. Then, I take that complex information and package it in a way that’s easy for you to quickly digest.

With an MBA from MIT’s Sloan School of Management, I understand the fine points of accounting and finance. I can tell you which percentages and ratios you must know when going through your due diligence. And, I can tell you what to watch out for to protect yourself from franchises that are flops.

Would you bet your life savings on a guess? Take control of your future with a Franchise Chatter membership, and discover the truth behind hundreds of franchises in America.

Here’s What You Get With The Franchise Chatter Membership

FDD Talk: The Definitive Guide To The Earnings Claims Of
North America’s Top Franchises

At The Heart Of Our Goldmine, You’ll Find Our FDD Talk.

Here, you’ll gain in-depth analysis of the Franchise Disclosure Documents (FDDs) for hundreds of North America’s most popular franchises.

I cover a huge variety of industries, and my analysis is completely unbiased…

In other words, I don’t take bribes, kickbacks, or shots of whiskey from franchise representatives who want to take your hard-earned cash.

Now each FDD is different…

But they often contain vital information like what a franchise’s average net sales, cost, expenses, and EBITDA (Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation, and Amortization) are.

You’ll also gain comprehensive analysis from me, helping you to decide whether a franchise opportunity is right for you.

So Why Is Our FDD Analysis So Important?

Well, because it’s easy to fall in love with a franchise opportunity before you know all of the details.

Normally, a franchise will only provide an FDD to you after you’ve already undergone a lengthy application process.

By the time you see this incredibly crucial document, you’ve already spent weeks:

  • Filling out an online form.
  • Talking with a franchise development representative (who’s trying to sell you).
  • Submitting your personal financial information and data to be scrutinized.
  • Being pitched (and possibly falling in love with) a franchise opportunity that you truly know little about.
  • Starting to get in way over your head.

The result of all this is that once you finally get to see a franchise’s FDD, your vision is cloudy and you’re already emotionally invested.

This makes it quite difficult to perform an objective analysis of the opportunities and risks associated with a prospective franchise.

FDD Talk Provides Your Research In A Fraction Of The Time

By providing you independent earnings analyses based on hundreds of FDDs across numerous industries, you can rocket through your research, quickly determining which opportunities are worth pursuing, and which are best ignored.

Each FDD's Item 19 is analyzed by me, a former franchisee who has an MBA from one of the top business schools in the world.

Meaning you not only get the details of each franchise’s Item 19, you are also explicitly shown whether each opportunity looks to be a good fit for you.

I perform cross-analysis for many franchises within the same industry...

So you’ll be able to take a franchise that you’re interested in, and see how it stacks up against the competition.

You’ll be shocked to find all of the industries out there where two similar looking franchises are actually separated by thousands of dollars in earnings.

Wouldn’t it be valuable to quickly know which opportunity is the true contender and which is only the pretender?

That’s exactly what our FDD Talk section does for you.

You’ll discover who’s making a killing, and who’s struggling for scraps.

3 Metrics That Can Make Or Break A Franchise

The listings you will find in Franchise Chatter are based on what I have found, through thousands of hours of research, to be the top 3 metrics that give you a snapshot of a franchise’s potential:

  • Average sales-to-investment ratio
  • Average revenues
  • Average operating income (also known as EBITDA – Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation, and Amortization)

For a franchise to make it on my exclusive list of the most lucrative opportunities, it must meet or exceed certain benchmarks, namely:

  • An average sales-to-investment ratio of at least 2:1
  • Average revenues of at least $1 million, or
  • An average operating income of at least $100,000

Each of these 3 metrics will have its own list of franchises that meet, or exceed, my standards for success. When you join Franchise Chatter, you’ll be able to easily see which franchises are so valuable that they hit all 3 lists.

My lists are compiled from the most up-to-date information, so you’ll always have the current data. Even better, you get access to lists from previous years – so you can track how the top franchises perform year-by-year.

Franchise Chatter keeps a close eye on the industry each week, and if a franchise meets one of my 3 metrics for success, it’s added to the list. You’ll be the first to know when a franchise is up-and-coming in the industry, giving you a massive advantage.

It’s one of the most powerful tools available when it comes to finding the best-performing franchises in the country.

Franchise Listings: Think Differently

What I’m doing with these lists is quite different from the two most popular franchise listings, Entrepreneur Magazine’s Franchise 500 and Franchise Business Review’s Top 200 Franchises.

The Franchise 500 focuses on financial strength and stability, growth rate, and size of the system. It also considers the number of years a company has been in business and the length of time it’s been franchising, as well as startup costs, litigation, percentage of terminations, and whether the company provides financing.

The Top 200 Franchises are selected on the basis of franchisee satisfaction with the business and the company supporting it.

While those are all important considerations, the biggest reason people get into a franchise is to make money. I know this because I was once a franchisee myself, and because of all those people constantly asking me which franchise they should choose.

Keep in mind that just because a franchise appears on one or more of the lists doesn’t mean it’s a slam-dunk choice for you (remember there are your interests, priorities, and abilities to consider), but at least you’ll know it’s a solid choice based on the 3 key performance metrics.

a breakdown of what you get

Platinum Membership
Financial Performance Representations (Data And Analysis)
Lists of Franchises Meeting Or Exceeding The 3 Key Performance Indicators
Estimated Initial Investment
Royalty Fees, Marketing Fees, And Other Franchise Fees
Q&A Articles
Top Lists By Industry

The Membership That Pays for Itself

It’s not an accident that we’ve become the most trusted source on the web for franchise investment analysis and information.

Our loyal members love Franchise Chatter, and we know you will too. Join us today and start having the power to easily:

  • Determine which franchise to invest in. You’ll also be able to protect yourself from making a rash or wrong decision that can cost you thousands of dollars.
  • Hear what executives at the nation’s top franchises have to say about their industries and companies. Understand where to place your bets and reap the rewards.
  • Follow the best practices, and lessons that are provided by successful franchisees. Increase revenues while reducing operating costs tremendously.

There’s absolutely no reason not to start making Franchise Chatter your one-stop shop for franchise analysis right away.

Membership Will Never Be This Low Again

The Franchise Chatter brand is committed to providing current, relevant, and highly actionable content to our subscribers at an affordable price.

Think about how much the vital information that Franchise Chatter provides will be worth to you.

  • Choosing a successful franchise over a failed one can lead to well over $1 million dollars over the life of your investment.
  • Understanding where your industry is trending, and how to capitalize on it can be worth hundreds of thousands.
  • And getting the money-saving, profit-boosting advice from our Q&A series can put thousands of extra dollars in your pocket.

success stories

Frequently Asked Questions

You can own a franchise without having a background in marketing, finance, sales, customer service, and so on. While those skills are good to have, the great thing about a franchise is you get to learn the tried-and-true processes and strategies that are designed for your franchise. Plus, you can call on your franchisor and fellow franchisees for advice! On top of all this, you’re buying into an established brand that consumers already trust – making it much easier to start out.

Definitely! While a Franchise Chatter subscription is a gold mine for potential franchise owners, they aren’t the only ones who use our service. Independent entrepreneurs love the high-quality data that gives them deeper insights into different industries. Through our research, entrepreneurs can get a better sense of which industries are attractive, and which ones ought to be avoided. Franchise Chatter’s years of research behind hundreds of franchises is an unbeatable resource for people wanting to start their own business.

Franchise Chatter has subscribers from all walks of life, but most of our members are prospective franchisees, and current franchisees who are seeking to expand their portfolio. We also have private equity investors, franchise lawyers, franchise brokers, franchisors, MBAs, and more! If you’re looking for hard financial data and analysis on the profit potential for hundreds of franchises, then Franchise Chatter is for you.

Yes, you will! Franchise Chatter highlights the important numbers, ratios, and percentages in a way that’s easy to understand. All the calculations are done for you, so you don’t need to waste time or make mistakes on your numbers. You also won’t need to have experience in finance to see which franchises are top performers, and which aren’t!

Franchise Chatter is run by Ambrosio, a successful owner of a UPS Store franchise until he sold it. With an MBA from MIT’s Sloan School of Management, Ambrosio understands the percentages, ratios, accounting, and finance information you’ll need to know when conducting due diligence. Plus, Ambrosio has read thousands of pages of Franchise Disclosure Documents for hundreds of franchises, giving him an inside look at most of America’s franchises.

Franchise Chatter’s financial data comes straight from the Franchise Disclosure Documents – the information that franchisors must submit to regulators. Since these numbers are coming straight from the franchisors and going to the regulators, they’re the most accurate information available.

No, you will not. Subscription plans are for a fixed period, after which you will have the option to renew if you would like. You will not be charged automatically. Many of our subscribers have been with us since 2011 when we originally launched the subscription plan. Because our information is always being updated, our renewing subscribers can stay up-to-date with the changing franchise landscape.