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Earnings Claims of Top Franchises Revealed

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What You Need to Know About Fastest Labs, a Drug Testing Franchise (Q&A with Founder Dave Claflin)

by Franchise Chatter on June 2, 2017

in Drug Testing Franchise, Q & A Interview

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Dave Claflin, Founder of Fastest Labs

In this exclusive Q&A, we will be learning more about Fastest Labs and its commitment to workplace safety from its founder, Dave Claflin.

Franchise Chatter (FC): Can you tell us more about Fastest Labs?

Dave Claflin (DC): When I came across the drug testing industry, I fell in love with the business model and knew I wanted to open my own drug testing company. In 2008, I started Fastest Labs and soon began franchising. Today, Fastest Labs is the leading drug testing franchise specializing in drug, alcohol and DNA services for private individuals and corporate America.

Fastest Labs has a welcoming and calming atmosphere, unlike many other clinical brands. When a customer walks through the doors, they are immediately greeted by a Fastest Labs employee and guided through the warm and inviting space, making them feel at ease in a sometimes stressful experience.

Fastest Labs currently has 22 units open across eight states, and aims to have 50-60 units open by the end of the year. Ultimately, our goal is to grow Fastest Labs to be the largest drug testing franchise in America, as well as abroad.

FC: What services do you offer?

DC: Fastest Labs offers drug and alcohol testing as well as DNA services including paternity testing. We conduct drug testing through urine, sweat, hair, saliva and fingernail testing – providing a much quicker turnaround time versus traditional blood testing.

Many of our services pertain to companies such as credit unions, banks, call centers and staffing/HR recruitment companies, car dealers, industrial jobs and corporate America, providing them with a trusted and comprehensive drug testing solution for their employees.

FC: What differentiates Fastest Labs from other brands?

DC: In the $1.5 billion drug testing industry, Fastest Labs is able to differentiate itself by creating a niche in the market. We are able to do so by creating an efficient and seamless customer experience.

When customers come to a Fastest Labs location, they can always be seen, even without appointments. They are then guided step-by-step through the entire testing process – which only takes around five to 10 minutes.

By setting up these seamless systems, customers are no longer inconvenienced by drug testing, and can be seen and receive their results within minutes. This process and customer satisfaction distinguishes us from other brands and makes Fastest Labs the leading drug testing franchise.

FC: How has Fastest Labs been impacted by the nation’s uptick in alcohol and substance abuse?

DC: A recent study by Quest Diagnostics found that drug use in the American workforce, fueled by illicit drugs, has reached the highest rate in 12 years – up five percent from last year. This creates a large safety risk for companies and may result in them losing money due to employees using drugs or alcohol on the job.

This epidemic has sparked a need for Fastest Lab’s services, prompting rapid growth across the country and an uptick in demand for services.

FC: How is Fastest Labs helping businesses combat this epidemic?

DC: Fastest Labs is able to provide these companies with services such as pre-employment drug screening as well as random drug testing on location. These services have proven to be highly effective.

We once went in to test a client’s employees, only to find that 50% of its employees were using drugs. The next time we came back, that number dropped significantly, and the third time we went in for testing, there was only one employee who showed positive results for drug use.

Studies have shown that while work productivity decreases – tardiness, absenteeism and theft increase in a workplace as a result of drug or alcohol addiction. By conducting these drug screenings for our clients, we are allowing them to create safe and efficient work places and greatly reduce their risk of workplace accidents.

FC: What makes Fastest Labs an attractive opportunity for potential franchisees?

DC: Out of the $1.5 billion drug testing industry, Fastest Labs has created a niche in the space, allowing the company to thrive. Our franchisees can feel confident in the fact that they are providing the highest quality services in an already high-demand sector.

Fastest Labs has a low initial investment and a simple-to-operate, turnkey system that allows franchisees to have low operating costs with high margins. No medical experience or background is necessary, as Fastest Labs provides our franchisees with all necessary training and certifications during our three week training program.

When franchisees join the Fastest Labs family, they are joining a team they can trust. The Fastest Labs leadership team brings years of experience to the table and is able to support franchisees through marketing and sales, operations, and extensive training procedures, setting up our franchisees to be thriving business owners.

Since the industry is only growing from here, there are opportunities across the country for potential franchisees. Fastest Labs has prime metropolitan territories available including Atlanta, Chicago, Las Vegas, Phoenix, New York, Indianapolis, Orlando and Dallas to name a few.

FC: How can people learn more about Fastest Labs and its franchising opportunities?

DC: People can learn more about our franchise opportunities by visiting fastestlabs.com/franchise.

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