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Earnings Claims of Top Franchises Revealed

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Q&A with Michael Babcock, North American Sales Manager for Cartridge World

by Franchise Chatter on April 21, 2017

in Ink Refilling Franchise, Q & A Interview

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In this exclusive Q&A, we get to learn more about Cartridge World from its North American Sales Manager, Michael Babcock.

Franchise Chatter (FC):  What is Cartridge World?

Michael Babcock (MB):  Cartridge World is the global leader in premium-quality cartridges, printers, and printer services. With over 1,000 locations across the globe and over 20 years of printing experience, Cartridge World is a recognized leader in the imaging products and services marketplace.

We provide expert advice for equipment and supplies to everyone from busy families to college students to small businesses to Fortune 500 companies.

FC:  What services do you offer?

MB:  At Cartridge World, one of our most valuable assets is our knowledge. We have accumulated years of expert advice on printers and printing, and are able to provide and personalize that knowledge to each and every one of our customers, whether our customers are shopping for their homes or their businesses.

Cartridge World supplies premium printing supplies such as printers, toner and ink, office supplies, and paper, and provides easy online ordering, including an automated printer cartridge supply. In addition to the supplies, we also provide printer installation, maintenance, and repairs for business customers, as well as free delivery.

FC:  What differentiates Cartridge World from other brands?

MB:  Cartridge World is a global brand with local experts. Unlike big box stores, Cartridge World locations are the local printing experts in their communities. They are able to provide personalized advice and knowledge that suits our customers’ specific needs. Our localized services and supplies truly set us apart from the competition.

Our quality also sets us apart from other brands. Cartridge World utilizes our Global Procurement Center, which uses a triple check system to optimize the highest level of quality in all of our products worldwide.

In addition to this, Cartridge World also utilizes a program where businesses do not have to pay for their printers, or the ongoing printer maintenance, just the toner. This unique business offering sets us above any big box office supply stores.

FC:  How does Cartridge World help other businesses save money?

MB:  One of Cartridge World’s main goals is to provide cost-saving solutions for businesses. Office printing can get out of control for many businesses. 90 percent of businesses do not realize how much they are spending on printing and because of this, can be wasting money by not investing in the correct printing supplies or equipment. Cartridge World can provide expert printing knowledge and services, allowing companies to save on costs and make the most of their office supply spending.

Our printer cartridges give businesses consistent, premium print quality, defect-fee performance, and a 20 to 30 percent cost saving to big box stores.

Cartridge World can assist companies in standardizing their printer fleets, as well as updating to the most efficient printer models that are best suited for their needs.

Another way Cartridge World helps businesses is by removing and eliminating the cost for printers, scanners, and faxes. Our program allows Cartridge World to assess a business’s requirements and provide one or more printers specific to that business owner’s needs. Included in this program are any printer maintenance and service at no additional cost. This program is an excellent way for companies to get premium printing supplies at a reduced cost and eliminates the need for purchasing traditional hardware.

By eliminating the often burdensome tasks of ordering printing supplies and printer maintenance, companies can focus on what matters most – helping their businesses grow.

FC:  Can you tell us more about your Global Procurement Center?

MB:  To build on Cartridge World’s over 20 years of experience and success in retailing, B2B, franchising, and imaging, Cartridge World completed a major restructure and recapitalization transaction in 2015.

We now have a specialist team of technical, purchasing, and quality control personnel dedicated to bringing products that are high quality, competitively priced, and IP Clean – as well as support from the world’s largest aftermarket organic photo conductors (OPC) manufacturer.

Bringing over 15 years of technological expertise and industry experience, this team’s primary focus is on product innovation and quality control. A primary part of this commitment to quality was the creation of a new Global Procurement Center (GPC), which controls all aspects of product production.

The GPC’s “Triple Check Quality Assurance Process” to Six Sigma standards, guarantees the quality of a cartridge, before it is shipped, matches the same standards as the printer brands in the case of the Premium Series.

This ensures our global network receives consistent, high-quality printer cartridges at prices that keep our franchise stores competitive and more profitable.

FC:  What makes Cartridge World an attractive opportunity for potential franchisees?

MB:  Cartridge World is an attractive franchise opportunity due to our strong growth model. For the past 20 years, Cartridge World has been able to expand across the globe and adapt to the changing printing landscape. This adaptation, along with our utilization of the most up-to-date technology, primes Cartridge World to stay on top of the industry and allows our franchisees to continue developing. Cartridge World is currently the leading global franchisor in this $80 billion industry, with 1,000 locations in 55 countries and growing.

Cartridge World also experiences a high volume of repeat business customers, something that is attractive for many franchisees. Our consistent, high-quality products are able to win over and retain these customers. There is also a larger customer base due to our dual target markets – both business and consumer customers.

Our business model presents an attractive business opportunity as well. Our franchisees can run their locations with a minimum of three employees. There is an attractive work-life balance, with employees working traditional hours of 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Our franchises have a low cost of initial investment, and do not need prior industry experience. Furthermore, we have a proven business model and provide initial as well as ongoing training and support from our corporate offices.

FC:  How can people learn more about Cartridge World and its franchising opportunities?

MB:  People can learn more about our franchise opportunities by visiting www.cartridgeworld.com/franchising.

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