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Earnings Claims of Top Franchises Revealed

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FDD Talk 2016: The Fyzical Therapy and Balance Centers Franchise Opportunity (Financial Performance Analysis, Estimated Costs, and Other Important Stuff You Need to Know)

by Franchise Chatter on May 13, 2016

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Fyzical Boca Raton Florida

In this FDD Talk 2016 post, you’ll learn the following:

  • Section I – Background information on the Fyzical Therapy and Balance Centers franchise opportunity, including relevant news updates
  • Section II – Estimated initial investment for a Fyzical Therapy and Balance Centers franchise, based on Item 7 of the company’s 2016 FDD
  • Section III – Presentation and analysis of Fyzical Therapy and Balance Centers’ financial performance representations, based on Item 19 of the company’s 2016 FDD, including information on the:
  • 2015 high, low, average, and median revenue for the 10 affiliated/company-owned and 33 franchised Fyzical Therapy and Balance Centers open the full year of 2015 (with 2 franchised Centers that opened in late January 2015) (9 out of the 10 affiliated/company-owned Centers and all 33 franchised Centers were Conversion Centers)

Section I – Background Information

Fyzical Therapy and Balance Centers was started in 2013 with a mission to transform the way physical therapy and related wellness services are delivered, and to revitalize an otherwise ailing private practice PT industry.

The main problem is the changing landscape of healthcare. With hospital systems growing ever larger, many of them are building their own rehab centers at a record pace. As mega-PT corporations grow, the inevitable result squeezes out traditional private practices, even though most agree that it’s the private practices that generally provide the highest quality of care.

What the company is doing is recruiting already-existing private practices to join Fyzical so that everyone can enjoy the benefits of banding together into a strong network of shared resources, expertise, branding, and so on.

Locations offer traditional physical therapy but can add in balance training, fall prevention, sports rehabilitation, fitness programs, and individualized wellness programs as well.

The company immediately started franchising in the same year it was founded and already boasts more than 139 locations. Here’s how Fyzical keeps everyone on an even keel towards success in the physical therapy industry:

Power in Numbers

There’s a huge advantage to be found when experts join together to form one powerful team, sharing knowledge, information, and the latest techniques and technologies. The Fyzical business model is all about creating an ever-expanding network of PT practitioners, medical professionals, and business experts who all support each other’s success. It’s a huge influx of resources that turbo-charges any private PT practice, and keeps them competitive instead of being pushed aside by well-heeled hospital rehab centers.

Unique Business Model

This is the first attempt at this kind of new organization and network in the realm of physical therapy. Part of what the model does is encourage PT practices to expand their range of offerings to include a variety of new and high-tech services that people are willing to pay for outright rather than dealing with all the headaches of declining insurance reimbursements.

Advanced Diagnotics

Some of the unique services Fyzical focuses on include balance therapy and fall prevention. BodyQ (Advanced Body Quotient Testing and Analysis) is a unique new high-tech diagnostic tool that does a full body analysis in 45 minutes covering muscle strength, flexibility, range of motion, vision, hearing, balance, and recovery time.


It’s rare for private PT practices to have much of anything to tout in terms of a real brand, which is part of why Fyzical is such a game-changer for the PT industry. And it plans to become the largest branded PT organization in the nation.

An Exit Plan

Few business owners are thinking about exit plans when they first start up their businesses, but at Fyzical, this is a priority from day one of joining. If or when it comes time to sell, being part of a growing, thriving, well-recognized PT brand can make all the difference.

Section II – Estimated Costs

  • Please click here for detailed estimates of Fyzical Therapy and Balance Centers franchise costs, based on Item 7 of the company’s 2016 FDD.

Section III – Financial Performance Representations (Item 19, 2016 FDD) and Analysis

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