Earnings Claims of Top Franchises Revealed

Earnings Claims of Top Franchises Revealed

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FDD Talk 2014: Our Latest Views on The Oilerie’s Annual Gross Sales, Cost of Goods Sold, and Gross Profits

by Franchise Chatter on December 17, 2014

in Franchise Earnings, Retail Franchise

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The Oilerie

Highlights of The Oilerie’s Item 19 Financial Performance Representations (2014 FDD)

  • The Oilerie is a retail store that specializes in the sale of premium olive oils, balsamic vinegars, and related products.
  • The figures below are the actual annual gross sales, cost of goods sold, and gross profits for the Store operated by The Oilerie’s affiliate for the 2005-2013 calendar years; for a franchised Store in Brookfield, Wisconsin for the 2009-2013 calendar years; for 3 franchised Stores in Lake Oswego, Oregon; Hilton Head, South Carolina; and Maple Ground, Minnesota for the 2011-2013 calendar years; and for 2 franchised Stores in Columbus, Ohio and St. Paul, Minnesota for the 2012-2013 calendar years.
  • All of these Stores were open during the entire 12-month period ended December 31, 2013.
  • “Gross Sales” means all revenues received from the sale of goods and services, whether for cash or by check, credit card, or trade, in connection with the store, less sales tax, discounts, and customer refunds and returns.
  • “Cost of Goods Sold” means the cost of products sold, inventory adjustments, and freight only.
  • “Gross Profit” is Gross Sales less Cost of Goods Sold and does not reflect any expenses related to Store operations, including rent, royalties, advertising, equipment, payroll, professional services, taxes, and utilities. Those expenses are paid out of Gross Profit.
  • The Stores described above have earned this amount. Your individual results may differ. There is no assurance you’ll earn as much.
  • Many factors, including location, management capabilities, local market conditions, and other factors are unique to each store and may significantly impact the financial performance of your Store.
  • You must develop your own business plan, including capital budgets, financial statements, projections, and other elements appropriate to your particular circumstances.
  • The Oilerie encourages you to consult with your own accounting, business, and legal advisors to assist you in identifying the expenses you likely will incur in developing and operating your Store, to prepare your budgets, and to assess the likely or potential financial performance of your Store. The franchisor also encourages you to contact existing franchisees to discuss the business.
  • The figures in Section I are based on the affiliate’s unaudited financial statements as of December 31st of each year. The Store operated by the affiliate is substantially similar to the franchise business described in the disclosure document.
  • The figures in Section II are based on information that franchised Stores provided to the franchisor and The Oilerie has not independently verified the information.

Section I – Affiliate’s Statements of Annual Gross Sales, Cost of Goods Sold, and Gross Profit


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