Earnings Claims of Top Franchises Revealed

Earnings Claims of Top Franchises Revealed

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Why Successful Franchisees Should Be Recognized for Their Achievements (Q&A with Adam Long of HomeTeam Inspection Service)

by Franchise Chatter on May 10, 2012

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Adam Long joined HomeTeam Inspection Service in May 2004, and has been the Vice President of Shared Services for HomeTeam since April 2007.  Adam manages the information and technology programs for the corporate office and the franchisees.  Prior to HomeTeam, Adam was employed by Fifth Third Bancorp and worked at the Corporate Office in downtown Cincinnati.  Adam is a member of the International Franchise Association.

In this interview, Adam talks about what goes into choosing a Franchisee of the Year and why HomeTeam rewards franchisees in this way.

Franchise Chatter (FC):  Can you walk us through the process for selecting HomeTeam’s Franchisee of the Year?

Adam Long, VP of Shared Services for HomeTeam Inspection Services

Adam Long, VP of Shared Services for HomeTeam Inspection Service

Adam Long (AL):  Selection of Franchisee of the Year is based on several factors including meeting or exceeding HomeTeam’s standards for business operations, maintaining excellent customer satisfaction, and achieving highest overall gross revenues.  Another important component of Franchisee of the Year is involvement with the franchise system and the communities within the franchise territories.

Colin Conroy has served two terms on HomeTeam’s Franchise Advisory Council and has been elected President of the FAC by his peers on the council.  Colin and his staff have spent countless hours mentoring other franchisees and he and his employees are involved in the local community through several charities.  (Check out my recent interview with Colin Conroy, where he shares some valuable franchise success secrets.)

FC:  What makes Colin Conroy a perennial favorite to win Franchisee of the Year (2011 was Colin’s seventh year to achieve this recognition)?

AL:  Colin has always been committed to the HomeTeam philosophy: “Our goal is to serve each client with the highest degree of quality, timeliness, professionalism, and friendliness at all times, and to treat each inspection as if it was conducted on our own home. Our clients are the foundation of our business…we must act accordingly.”  This philosophy has built a reputation in Southern Florida that has propelled Colin Conroy to the top position among HomeTeam franchisees multiple times over the years.

FC:  Are there other opportunities for HomeTeam franchisees to be recognized for their performance, even if they don’t win the top Franchisee of the Year award?

AL:  Yes, the Top Ten Franchisees are recognized every year in accordance with the same standards as Franchisee of the Year.  Also, franchisees are recognized based on annual home inspection levels beginning at 500+ inspections per year.  Also, Outstanding Customer Service Awards are given annually to those franchisees that attain customer satisfaction ratings of 98% or higher.  Additionally, we recognize Rookie of the Year and other growth awards during the initial years of franchisee growth.

FC:  What are some of the benefits of recognizing outstanding franchisees for their achievements?

Colin Conroy Receiving His Franchisee of the Year Award from HomeTeam's CEO Jim Hunter

Colin Conroy (left) receiving his Franchisee of the Year award from HomeTeam's CEO Jim Hunter

AL:  Recognition of franchisees is an important part of any successful franchise system because it acknowledges the key indicators of success within a business.  Many HomeTeam franchisees are recognized for reaching financial goals; however, recognition for excellent customer service, superior business practices, and commitment to excellence within the franchise model are also acknowledged at the annual convention.  This recognition not only rewards those franchisees that reach these goals but it also encourages other franchisees to strive for distinction in their businesses.

FC:  What advise can you offer other franchisors when creating a program to recognize franchisees for their success and contributions to the system?

AL:  The cornerstone of any recognition program is to highlight the achievements that make franchisees successful.  This allows a franchisor to both identify top performers and encourage other franchisees within the system to set goals for their businesses.  Recognition is meant to simultaneously reward and encourage franchisees within the system.

FC:  What advice can you offer prospective and current franchisees of HomeTeam, as well as other franchises, who aspire to be recognized as Franchisee of the Year in their respective systems?

AL:  Franchisees that follow the proven business model of the franchisor will experience success and eventual recognition.  The systems and procedures that franchisors put in place have been proven by the past success of the franchisees.  The continual feedback from franchisees allows franchisors to improve their techniques so that franchisees can continue to be successful every year.  This is good advice and applicable to both current and prospective franchisees.

We believe there is one additional, and key, piece of advice for people still in the process of deciding which industry and franchise concept to choose.  And that is making the right choice for the right reasons!  Sure, would-be entrepreneurs envision making lots of money, but that is only one factor.  Future business owners also need to consider their personal strengths and weaknesses, desired lifestyle, long term goals, and family considerations.

There are many great franchise opportunities out there.  Choosing the right one for the right reasons will give you what you really need as a person while making the wrong decision has little chance of doing the same.

FC:  Is there anything else you wish to share about HomeTeam, Colin Conroy, or your Franchisee of the Year award?

The Yacht Used for the Franchisee of the Year Recognition

The yacht used for HomeTeam's Franchisee of the Year recognition

AL:  Colin Conroy and his staff have spent the last 16 years building one of the most successful home inspection businesses in the country.  They have accomplished this through hard work and a commitment to the HomeTeam model.

Key elements of the HomeTeam model include building strong and mutually-rewarding relationships throughout the real estate community who often refer the home inspector.  Another key element is a true passion for helping home buyers and sellers during an exciting time of their life: the purchase or sale of a home.

Colin and his staff have, almost without equal, the skills and personal attributes to meet and exceed these key elements.  Owning and working for a successful business can be very rewarding both personally and professionally.  We look forward to Colin’s continued success and the strong probability that he will again be recognized for his achievements in 2012.

To learn more about HomeTeam Inspection Service, please visit their website.

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