Earnings Claims of Top Franchises Revealed

Earnings Claims of Top Franchises Revealed

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  • Planet Fitness
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What You Need to Know About the HUMAN (Helping Unite Man and Nutrition) Healthy Vending Business Opportunity

by Franchise Chatter on August 18, 2011

in Business Opportunity Review, Vending Franchise

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(Ambrosio’s note: A few days ago, I wrote about a healthy vending franchise called Fresh Healthy Vending.  The response to that blog post was very encouraging, so naturally, I wanted to do a follow-up post featuring another major player in the healthy vending segment.  But unlike Fresh Healthy Vending, the subject of this post is not an actual franchise but a business opportunity — the company does not have a Franchise Disclosure Document.  This is a bit of a detour for The Franchise Chatter Blog, but the HUMAN Healthy Vending business opportunity is compelling enough to warrant an exception.)

13 Things You Need to Know About the HUMAN Healthy Vending Business Opportunity

h.u.m.a.n. Vending Machine Photo by cliff10661. The mission of  HUMAN Healthy Vending is to help unite man and nutrition by making health foods, drinks, and information universally accessible via the establishment of a global network of healthy and interactive vending machines that bring nutrition directly to people, and by donating 10% of proceeds to charities that fight obesity and malnutrition.

2.  Since 2003, HUMAN has tested over 1000 different products in their vending machines so they know what most consumers like and don’t like. Great nutrition does nothing without great taste. That’s why each product must pass a health test and a taste test before being considered for one of their machines.

3.  HUMAN understands that every location has its own unique needs, and this is especially true when it comes to dietary preferences.  The company’s healthy vending experts advise the operators exactly what foods and drinks to offer based on their location to ensure optimum sales levels.

4.  The company has found that consumers are willing to spend more for healthy products that make them feel good. The average profit per sale for a HUMAN machine is 2x as high as traditional vending.

5.  HUMAN vending machines tend to attract locations where people are willing to pay for better nutrition and understand the benefits of health foods and drinks.

6.  HUMAN machines produce added results without requiring any added effort because of their design and technology. The machines’ attractive graphics and innovative LCD screens attract customers that would otherwise ignore a vending machine.

7.  The proprietary vending machines come with wireless credit and debit card readers that allow for higher priced items.  With the capability of h.u.m.a.n. Vending Machine Photo by cliff1066accepting credit and debit cards, cash and coin, and company and school IDs, HUMAN machines ensure customers can always buy what they want, boosting sales on average by 25%. With cashless payment technology, accounting reports can be created and accessed from home. Cashless transactions also reduce the risk of theft by keeping less cash in the machine.

8.  HUMAN makes vending operators’ lives easier by minimizing the amount of time and energy they need to spend on maintaining and stocking their machines. Remote monitoring technology allows for greater operational efficiency and reduces route costs by 20-40% through savings on gas, less time spent servicing routes, improved reporting and tracking, and reduced guesswork.

9.  Locations save on utility bills via the machines’ eco-friendly power-conserving devices, which can decrease energy fees up to 50%.

10.  HUMAN machines are equipped with attractive, 23″ high definition LCD screens, which increase the “wow” factor of the machines, attract more eyeballs, and enhance the location’s image. Customers can learn more about the healthy items inside the HUMAN machines via video ads streamed on the digital LCD screens, while providing both locations and operators with higher pay-outs. No additional work is required because the company takes care of all digital content.  Vending operators receive a 25% commission from the ad revenues generated by the company for their machines.  If the operators pursue their own ad deals, they can earn an additional 25% commission.

11.  Due to the company’s purchasing power, their partnership with the nation’s largest healthy product distributors, and the fact that they don’t profit from product sales, HUMAN offers operators the lowest pricing on its healthy vending snacks, foods, and beverages. And with over 10 warehouses across the nation, they guarantee the quickest delivery, too.

12.  Those who pass the vending operator application process will work closely with one of the trained HUMAN healthy vending experts to accomplish the following:

  • Create a network of 5 or more premium locations for optimal machine placement. Operators can find the locations themselves or the company can set up the network for them.
  • Determine how many vending machines and which type(s) are needed, and then decide whether purchasing, financing, or leasing the machines makes the most sense.
  • Put together digital content/ads that best suit the machines.
  • Survey the chosen locations to determine the exact needs and desires of the customer base.
  • Based on location, demographic, and survey information, the company will put together a planogram (product mix) for each location. The operator orders the products from one of 10+ distribution warehouses for delivery within 1-3 days (on average).
  • Install, set-up, stock, and  launch the machines, then work to kick-off a PR campaign at the location.

13.  Each HUMAN location is set-up with the HUMAN machine that best suits that specific space and population. The 4 main machine options are: The Apprentice (refrigerated, eco-friendly, snack and beverage combo for mid to high-traffic locations), The Media Mogul (similar to The Apprentice but with a 23″ HD LCD screen), The Hot HUMAN (refrigerated food and snack machine that serves heated meals for high-traffic locations) and Outdoor HUMAN (refrigerated, “ruggedized” snack and beverage combo designed for the outdoors).  The wholesale price for each machine ranges from $7,500 to $12,500.

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