Earnings Claims of Top Franchises Revealed

Earnings Claims of Top Franchises Revealed

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  • CruiseOne
  • Firehouse Subs
  • Jimmy John's
  • Massage Envy
  • Menchie's
  • Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt
  • Planet Fitness
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Looking for something healthier than frozen yogurt, but just as delicious? Check out the Starfruit Cafe franchise (frozen treats, smoothies)

by Franchise Chatter on August 11, 2011

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20 Things You Need to Know About the Starfruit Cafe Franchise Opportunity

Starfruit Cafe Product Line

1.  According to the company, a Starfruit Cafe is better than a typical frozen yogurt shop because its entire selection of lowfat smoothies, frozen treats and parfaits are made with Lifeway Kefir, which packs up to four times the probiotics of yogurt.

2. The secret to Starfruit’s health-boosting power is the 10 live probiotic cultures found in Lifeway Kefir, a creamy “miracle drink” that serves as the base of its products (Yogurt typically contains just two or three probiotics).

3.  Probiotics (which means “beneficial for life” in Greek) are friendly bacteria that help strengthen the body’s ecosystem.  These good bacteria aid digestion, boost immunity, promote weight loss, help fight lactose intolerance, prevent certain side effects from antibiotics and even help lower cholesterol.  Because it is such an easily digested food, Kefir is ideal for infants, pregnant women, nursing mothers, the elderly, people who suffer from constipation and those who are lactose-intolerant.

Starfruit Cafe Franchise Photo by Lifeway Foods, Inc.4.  Kefir (pronounced “kee-fur” and which means “good feeling” in Turkish) is a bubbly drink that was discovered by accident when ancient shepherds realized fresh milk carried in leather pouches occasionally fermented into an effervescent beverage.

5.  Starfruit frozen treats can be enjoyed with fresh fruit, nuts, candy or other delicious toppings.

6.  Each Starfruit frozen treat contains less than 22 calories and zero grams of fat (before adding toppings) per one ounce.   Starfruit is about 99% lactose free (each serving contains less than 1g of lactose).  And with the exception of Green Kefir, which contains wheat grass, Starfruit without any toppings are 100% gluten free (some toppings may contain allergens like gluten and nuts).

Starfruit Cafe Store ExperienceStarfruit Cafe Franchise Photo by Lifeway Foods, Inc.

7.  A Starfruit Cafe franchise allows the franchisee to capitalize on the healthy eating trend with a small footprint, “kefir boutique” cafe. The upbeat, positive energy of the Starfruit brand is as appealing as its line of low fat smoothies, frozen treats and parfaits.

8.  The associates in the stores are trained to provide customers with information on both the benefits of kefir and the 10 probiotics that are found in all of their products.

9.  Starfruit is described as “the lighthearted lovechild of taste and nutrition,” and staff uniforms include various colors of T-shirts that read, “welcome cosmic baby.” Fun chandelier light fixtures and contemporary design work on the walls contribute to Starfruit’s distinctive personality.  The stores also offer free Wi-Fi access.

10.  Many elements of the store’s design contribute to its ease of operation and self-promotion, with ordering and prep areas set up to entice customers. The store is designed to optimize operational efficiencies and accommodate heavy customer traffic without jeopardizing the customer experience.  Their preparation techniques, frozen kefir dispensing machines, product storage, and POS systems result in a highly effective design that delivers financial results.

11.  There are currently 4 Starfruit Cafe retail stores — all in the city of Chicago.  Starfruit frozen kefir is also served in the main concourse concession at Wrigley Field and in the Carousel ice cream shop at Ravinia.

12. Starfruit Cafe will be unveiling a mobile food truck specially designed to deliver Chicagoans their frozen treats. The locations will be announced daily via Facebook and Twitter.

Starfruit Cafe Franchise Photo by Lifeway Foods, Inc.Starfruit Cafe Franchisee Training and Support

13.  Training will include classroom instruction in the areas of administration, operations, and sales and marketing. On-the-job training will provide new franchisees with valuable first hand experience in running a Starfruit franchise. As they prepare to open their doors, the corporate team will send an experienced trainer to assist with a smooth launch.

14.  Franchisees are given an operations manual that will serve as a comprehensive guidebook. This essential volume contains all they need to know about daily operational procedures, food preparation, and customer service techniques.

15.  The corporate team will provide site selection guidelines for finding a suitable location for the store. Considerations will include strip malls or stand alone units near high traffic intersections or large thoroughfares.

16.  Marketing assistance will include the creation of marketing plans and advertising materials for use at the regional level.  The support staff at corporate will suggest ways to raise the store’s profile and implement publicity. Plus, the Starfruit website is an effective brand-builder, containing information about Kefir, a clever and fun interactive section, all in an upbeat, contemporary format.

Starfruit Cafe Parent CompanyStarfruit Cafe Franchise Photo by Lifeway Foods Inc.

17.  Launched in 2008, Starfruit Cafe is an arm of Lifeway Foods, Inc. (LWAY), America’s leading supplier of kefir. With their expertise and proven track record, Lifeway Foods will ensure that franchisees have both the best product and support to run their store on a daily basis.

Starfruit Cafe Franchise Cost

18.  The total initial investment to open a Starfruit Cafe franchise ranges from $217,200 to $344,133. The royalty fee is 6% of gross sales, paid weekly.

19.  Starfruit Cafe franchisees are required to spend a minimum of $10,000 on grand opening advertising during the first three months of operations, and at least 5% of  gross sales per month on local advertising.

20.  The initial term of the Franchise Agreement is five years from the date the Franchise Agreement is signed. The franchise is renewable for three additional terms of five years each.

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